Forever in my heart <3


To the kindest man I’ve ever known, who always loved me like a child of his own. I know that you’re no longer here, but I send this message loud and clear. Thank you for the things you’ve done, you were my friend, the only one. When times were hard and I was alone, I knew you would be there when I came home. But now things are different, you’ve been taken away. To a better place where I hope to meet you some day. I still have you’re pictures, they make me smile. They help me remember, every once in a while. You were taken too soon, it’s hard to believe. I sit on my own and wipe my tears with my sleeve. The memories flood back to me, each one from the start. I know that you’re gone, but you still live on, forever in my heart.

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Love to be Loved

As the moon shines down on the night, with only the stars to show me the light. I walk along a lonely path, filled with so many questions but no one to ask. Where did I come from? Why was I brought here? A world full of robots, it really is very queer. Should we conform to society? Do we really need to live that way?  With no thoughts of our own, we’re lost and all alone. What is our purpose? Why should we stay? I never intended to live life this way. To know all the answers, is to make it to the end. The people who get there, will have trusted a friend. The secret to life comes from the heart. The answer is love, it’s the finest art. Live a life full of love to get you through, there’s no other way to live a life so true.

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Stolen Innocence


I can’t understand why you did this to me. You were supposed to set an example. As if there wasn’t enough pain in my life, you had to add your sample. I was just a child then, so helpless and afraid. I had no reason to object, your trust in me was successfully made. Lying there in oblivion, as you stole away what was rightfully mine. With not a single witness, nobody heard as nobody was there. At the time I couldn’t see it, but now the picture is clear. The reson I can’t sleep at night is knowing that you’re still here. Not the you who caused me grief but the you whom I have now labelled as the thief. Although I have since moved on, my head is filled with doubt. If I find it so hard to love, will I always be without?

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A bond that broke too soon

Upon hearing a childs cries,
A special bond was formed.
You made a vow to love me forever,
How could I believe such lies?

I’m your exact image,
We share your DNA.
But still you couldn’t love me,
Is that why you didn’t stay?

You had too many children,
So I’ve been pushed aside.
But when they all grow older,
Will you be there for me to confide?

It’s too late to try convince me,
I’ve retreated into my shell.
I don’t need you to love me,
Because you made my life hell.


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Introduction to my blog!

Hi :). My name is Rachel and this is my first ever blog. I’m not really sure how the whole blog thing works but I’m hoping to learn as I go. The reason I created this blog is because I am struggling to find meaning to life. This may seem bizarre or crazy even, but I’m not crazy, quite the contrary actually. I have been feeling slightly depressed lately which in turn has caused me to question existence and now I have so many questions, many of which can not be answered. People come up with their own answers and opinions but there’s no empirical evidence to support it. The word “faith” comes up a lot, how can you have faith in something that you are uncertain of? Most Religions are based on faith and a lot people live their whole lives revolving around the rules of the religion they have “faith” in. I just can’t get my head around how they can believe in a supreme being (god) who is apparently the creator of life. How can one man create the whole world? And then who created god? Why live your life around what may or may not be true. The facts we know about life are that we are born, we live as long as we are able to (survival of the fittest must apply here) and then we die. We do not know what happens after death so why spend our whole life worrying about it? We know that everyone will die at some point so why not enjoy life as we know it and worry about what happens later, later? My main question here is, What is the point? This question applies to absolutely everything in life. I’m very skeptical about life after death as it just doesn’t make sense in my head but I would like to believe there is more to life than what we know. The way I see it right now is that we live, we die and therefore there is no point to life. Of course, you could argue that if you have a nice loving family, a good job or you simply just enjoy life then that is reason enough to live and be happy. But what if you are unfortunate and dont have a loving family support unit or a well paid job to afford to live a decent life? Circumstances then change, you live, you make no difference in the world what so ever then you die… what is the point to life then? If we live, work hard all our lives to support other people and then die, why do we bother to make that effort? especially if we don’t enjoy life. This is where opinions differ. We are apparently entitled to free will, but the law says otherwise. If we were entitled to free will then surely our own fate would be our own choice. So we could decide the way we live, the way we die or even when we die? If I believe that there is no point to life, nothing happens after death and I am iving for no reason at all then surely other people should respect that because I believe that? It is like a religion, I don’t know what happens after death but I have “faith” that nothing happens. Therefore if I wanted to end my life early I should be allowed to do so without it being labelled as selfish or frowned upon? I’m not saying that is how I feel, I’m just trying to understand life from different perspectives. I also don’t understand why humanity conforms to society. We think we are making the world a better place by making new technology but now we live like robots. We follow trends and try to “fit in” and for what reason? We’re all going to end up in the same place so why bother living a life of lies. Why can’t we all just live our own lives and not care about what other people think? ahhhhh so many questions, my mind is blown!!!!
Feel free to comment and try to help me regain faith in humanity. I’m a nice person and can use some new friends :)